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Our Founders Curtis Fort & Mike Manies have a superior vision for the B2B Debt Collection Industry

“To exceed client expectations by providing outstanding service and solutions to credit and collection professionals throughout the World, and truly change the perception of our industry
One client at a time….”



Proactive and professional, The Murkin Group’s dedicated team understands the complexities of commercial collections. Debt Recovery Services are tailored to the specific needs of each client, while remaining flexible enough to ensure the best possible outcome for your company’s bottom line.

As well as our superior IT infrastructure and robust B2B Debt Collection procedures, we have access to all USA legal processes and the complete range of inquiry, research, database and company search capabilities.

The Murkin Group operates a personalized service where every client is assigned an account manager who will lead the Commercial Debt Collections process and act as the main point of contact for all communications.

The demand for Commercial Debt Collection Agencies has risen as the amount of delinquent debt and the sheer number of debtors refusing to pay has increased. In this economy, more and more businesses are entrusting their unpaid debt to The Murkin Group because they simply don’t have the available resources for successful internal debt pursuit.

What makes The Murkin Group so successful in their attempts to collect default debt? Why can businesses expect greater return on investment by outsourcing Outstanding Debt and Accounts Receivable to The Murkin Group?

As stated above, The Murkin Group has an advantage in that we have more resources at our disposal for recovering Delinquent Debt. Aside from dedicated employees and industry knowledge, The Murkin Group also has access to proprietary tools of the trade that increase success rates. Learn more about The Murkin Group.