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4 04, 2017

The Rainy Days of Debt Collections

2017-04-04T14:39:30+00:00 April 4th, 2017|Murkin Group Blog|

Its 2017 & the orb of change peaks over the horizon. A new year, a new President and a genuinely new touch to debt collections. That new touch is the touch of a progressively ethical, and intelligent corporation called The Murkin Group. When rolled off the tongue quickly you may hear The American Group, well [...]

4 03, 2017


2017-04-04T15:18:07+00:00 March 4th, 2017|B2B Collections Blog, Murkin Group Blog|

Securing your mechanic’s lien and bond claim rights often begins with serving a preliminary notice.  If the first step in securing your rights (serving a preliminary notice) isn’t a solid step, you may find yourself with an invalid mechanic’s lien and unpaid claim. Not Serving a Preliminary Notice This may seem like a no-brainer, but [...]

4 02, 2017

10 Tips for 2017 from The Murkin Group

2017-04-04T15:07:56+00:00 February 4th, 2017|B2B Collections Blog, Murkin Group Blog|

Written By Curtis Fort Co-founder & President www.Murkingroup.com   10 Tips for 2017 from The Murkin Group Review your credit application. Extending credit to customers can be very risky; however, a comprehensive credit application containing security language can mitigate that risk and allow you to file a UCC-1 to further secure your receivables. Educate your credit & sales [...]

25 01, 2017

1 Way To Get People To Listen

2017-04-04T13:26:27+00:00 January 25th, 2017|B2B Collections Blog, Murkin Group Blog|

 Let Your Actions Do The Talking   A few months ago The Murkin Group was giving the honor of joining the NLBMDA. Our membership is based on the work we do not the talk we spew. In September of 16, the NLBMDA pumped out an email to all of its members, here is what the NLBMDA said "NLBMDA's MSC members are [...]

14 12, 2016

The Murkin Group Joins NLBMDA

2017-04-04T13:34:19+00:00 December 14th, 2016|B2B Collections Blog, Company News|

By LBM Journal / WASHINGTON, DC – The National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA) announced today that The Murkin Group is the newest member of the association’s Manufacturers and Services Council (MSC). The council is composed of building material manufacturers and service providers serving the LBM industry .The Murkin Group specializes in national [...]

6 12, 2016

A 79 Day Remedy: Before Sending Your Debt to A “B2B Collection Agency”

2017-04-04T13:40:54+00:00 December 6th, 2016|B2B Collections Blog, Murkin Group Blog|

Safety Nets Do You have One? Dan Nash Vp Of Sales  WWW.MURKINGROUP.COM In the world of business, safety nets are invaluable. Putting money aside for emergencies, installing security systems for your place of business, acquiring and maintaining the proper insurance for your business are a few safety nets that we value. But what about safety nets [...]

30 11, 2016

The New B2B Debt Collection Industry

2017-04-04T13:43:56+00:00 November 30th, 2016|B2B Collections Blog, Murkin Group Blog|

By Demetris Jones Director of Marketing @ The Murkin Group Out with The Old   In the hay day of cold calling, collection agencies would hire the loudest most obnoxious sales reps they could find. This new hire would be encouraged to project his authority, to be firm with the prospect, and Dave “cold caller” [...]

22 11, 2016

Remove Stress From Credit Management & Debt Recovery

2017-04-04T13:49:54+00:00 November 22nd, 2016|B2B Collections Blog|

By Demetris Jones Director of Marketing @ The Murkin Group 11/22/2016 The Hustle & Headaches It's 2 days before thanksgiving, there’s hustling and bustling going on all around. In the financial world, the hustle can turn into severe headaches. Dealing with numbers, clients, money, CFO’s, fellow employees, deadlines, past dues, and attorneys can drive a [...]

17 11, 2016

The Heart of America

2017-04-04T13:54:45+00:00 November 17th, 2016|Murkin Group Blog|

November 17, 2016 Demetris Jones Director of Marketing www.murkingroup.com LinkedIn Facebook & Twitter   The Brave There comes a time when a business must stop selling and start giving, now is that time. There is a segment of our American society that has stood through hell and high water to preserve our freedoms. That segment of men and [...]