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The Commercial Debt Construction Industry


A nationwide group of commercial construction debt collections experts, specializing in all aspects of debt recovery within the construction industry.

The Murkin Group has built our company off the backbone of construction. We know it like no other agency, because we have submerged ourselves in it. We understand the plight of the supplier who hasn’t been paid but has delivered all that it takes to erect the buildings. We understand that the sub-contractor deserves all that is due his company and cannot afford to take a loss. We understand the processes one must go through to assure that you receive all monies owed to you. With a combined 30 years of experience our company knows how to collect construction debt.

We provide the plans and framework for Construction Debt Recovery

It’s a fact that the construction industry has one of the highest failure rates of any industry, and to compound that reality, contractors are 3 times more likely to go under when there is an economic recovery!  When the inevitable occurs, we are able to provide our clients with tried, proven and structured techniques that will assist our sub-contractor and material supply clients to  safeguard their bottom line from debtors who are reluctant to pay.

We work hard for Our Clients

As hard as our clients work to build the infrastructure of our great nation, that is how hard we work to collect their past due receivables and improve their bottom line.

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