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Industry Specific Debt Recovery Specialization

The Murkin Group., specializes in national Commercial Debt Collection, delivering high recovery returns in the following areas:

  • Professional Service Industries
  • Material Suppliers
  • The Construction Industry
  • Distribution Industries
  • Financial Services Sector
  • Lumber Industry
  • Textile and Manufacturers
  • Medium to large businesses

Our methods combined with our industry specific collection staff, customizes an accounts receivable management solution directly addressing your needs.

In today’s tough economy companies are quickly facing the problem of finding ways to effectively control past due receivables from their customer base. The pressure is on to quickly determine ways to communicate with your customers to resolve outstanding past due debt.

Professional Services

We work with many companies that provide a wide variety of professional services to other businesses. Our staff receives regular training to maintain the expertise to work to outline contractual obligations under various types of service agreements and articulate the legal ramifications of nonpayment. The Murkin Group exceeds your expectations.

Construction Industry

We represent some of the largest material suppliers and equipment companies in the U.S. and Canada. We work hand in hand with our clients from the time of placement to make sure all rights and remedies are understood. We will not exhaust our efforts on any account until every avenue to resolution has been thoroughly explored and every path to payment has been completed.

Distribution Industries

Distribution plays a key role in the success of many types of businesses in many industries. While product and liability can change hands numerous times in what is seen as a simple transaction, it is important to utilize the services of a group who is able to pin point the responsible party and bring prompt resolution to these seemingly complex issues. Choose The Murkin Group.

Financial Services Sector

We assist clients in the lending industry with security agreements and/or contracts that can have the capacity to put a company out of business or into a bankruptcy. Even with that type of leverage these institutions understand the value of using a recovery group like ours that understands their customers the interactions that take place in their industry. We will work with creditors to effectively bring current, past due, or legal claims to full resolution.

  • Our Attorneys: We utilize the services of CLLA & General Bar attorneys that are bonded and insured to protect our firm and our clients. This ensures the upmost accountability and professionalism. We grade our attorneys and keep tabs on which firms are the best in specific areas of practice and locations.
  • Call Us: To receive a free consultation regarding our services and our rates, call one of our professionals now. We will provide you with an associate that specializes in recovery within your industry. 866-447-7044
  • Contact Us: Please email us to receive more information regarding the many services we offer our clients. We understand busy professionals may not have the time to talk and would like to explore our services independently to make sure our agency is the right fit.
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