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All accounts are entered and assigned within 30 mins. of placement, formal demand letters are prepared same day. We are eager to immediately conduct a thorough review of each account placed & make contact with debtor companies without delay.

If a debtor is purposely unresponsive it does not mean they are out of reach. The Murkin Group has established a vast network of licensed and bonded private investigators who are always ready at a moment’s notice to conduct a site visit anywhere in the U.S & Globally

We can mass mail reminder letters, follow up letters, and/or demand letters at a flat rate per letter series. We will custom fit the best series to meet your company’s needs. Call one of our professionals today to get a quote.

Our group can design programs to meet the needs of any business structure. We are equipped to manage any volume of customers from the invoicing all the way to the collection process.

If unable to recover voluntarily, our staff will prepare and forward all information to law firms filing suit on client’s behalf. Our staff’s responsibility is to track and monitor these law firms and report progress to our clients, seeing them through the entire process.

In the business of debt collection, it is essential to know what a debtor has available in terms of liquid assets, cash flow, and expenditures, as well as hard assets which can be seized as collateral or sold to pay delinquent debt. Through asset investigation, The Murkin Group can better determine a debtor’s ability to pay and determine the most precise course of action to take in order to ensure prompt resolution.

We utilize sought after software and have access to multiple information databases, which allows us to quickly locate assets and simplify the process of securing recovery once a judgment has been entered.

By properly filing financing statements at the state and/or local jurisdiction, the security interest of the secured party is perfected. We diligently follow the laws of sales and other commercial transactions state to state to provide precise filings.

The Murkin Group works with a nationwide lien company that can file liens in all 50 states. Call us today to discuss rates. Rates may vary for volume placements.

We work with attorneys that specialize in asserting a garnishment against debtor companies or personal guarantors throughout the country.

We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the country and give our clients the highest quality service possible.